The natural aging process and childbirth can cause changes to our bodies that may affect feminine wellbeing and quality of life. Symptoms such as Itchiness, dryness, incontinence and vaginal relaxation can often be uncomfortable and embarrassing and is more common that you think:

  • 40% of women suffer from some form of urinary incontinence
  • 80% of women will experience vaginal atrophy

Now there is something you can do about it before considering surgery. This new revolutionary technology is the first development that gives the chance of reverting the vaginal tissues back towards a healthier, younger state and that reduces leaking, bulging (prolapse and or simply the laxity after childbirth), as well as vaginal symptoms of atrophy (postmenopausal symptoms of dryness, discomfort and painful intercourse).

  • IncontiLase: for the treatment of mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence
  • IntimaLase: for the treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome and /or Genitourinary syndrome or menopause
  • RenovaLase: for the treatment of vaginal atrophy


How does IncontiLase and IntimaLase work?

The laser has a photo thermal heating effect on collagen in both the vaginal walls and the urethra which causes restructuring and regrowth of the collagen. This results in thickening and tightening of the vaginal walls and urethra to improve atrophy and prevent urine loss.

This simple, non-surgical, 15 minute in-office procedure is highly effective, pain free and safe. A special attachment, similar to a speculum used during a pap test, is inserted into the vagina during which the entire vaginal region is treated with short laser pulses through a small hand piece.

Post Treatment

You can leave immediately after your procedure and continue your daily routine. There may be some minimal sensitivity after the procedure. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for 1 week after the procedure. Further details are available during your consultation with the doctor.